Product Detail


Size 1.5''to15''
Standard ASTM C1277 and CISPI 310

Specification sheets for No-Hub Coupling

No-Hub Couplings can be used to assemble No-Hub Pipes and Fittings manufactured per ASTM A888.

The couplings consist of a gasket made of an elastomeric compound enclosed in a stainless steel shield.

Depending on the size of the shield, two, four, or six clamps are provided to give the required sealing force to the shield to seal the gasket on the pipes and fittings.

Standard No-Hub couplings conform to ASTM C1277 and CISPI 310.

Detailed specifications of the couplings are as listed below:

Screw: 5 /16” hex-head screws rated to 60 in-lb installation torque.

All metal components are made of stainless steel conforming to ASTM C1277 and CISPI310.

Gasket is made out of a high quality elastomeric compound that meets the requirements of ASTM C564.

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